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Laura believes that everyone has the ability to expand their intuitive abilities to lead a more satisfying, passion-driven life. As a master teacher and facilitator, Laura offers several levels and lengths of dynamic talks and workshops designed to help people enhance their intuition, while building their ability to communicate with their animals and themselves. Clients serve as hosts throughout the country and all sessions are customized to meet the group’s unique needs.

The following overview is meant as a Workshop general guideline – please contact our office to discuss the perfect fit for your group. Laura most often combines her workshops with private consultations – offering optimal well being.

Open Your Intuitive Gifts...One-of-a Kind Workshops with Laura Rowley

Animal Communication Workshop

This hands-on program is designed to foster the inner gift of intuition and expand the ability to sense what animals think and feel. In AC I, Laura helps participants get started by explaining her theory of animal communication and demonstrating the tools required to intuitively communicate with animals.

For those desiring a more intensive workshop experience, a second day can be added with AC II, where participants practice with their own animals or resident animals, depending on the location. Laura leads and supports her students, helping them let go of fear and doubt, moving to confidence in their newfound abilities. 

Both levels support beginners and returning students who will be grouped accordingly.

Animal Communication Workshop

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Thank you so much for the incredible weekend. That was an amazing love vortex filled with such wonderful people and animals. It was amazing to me to return home and realize that even after that 5-hour drive, my knee was healed - the power of love, intention and energy work! Just thinking about you and the weekend raises my vibration!”

Animal Communication and Intuitive Healing Workshop

In this highly interactive workshop Laura and her participants explore the deep connection we share with animals and the many ways this connection can impact and heal us all.

This workshop is tailored toward those interested in amplifying their skills into the healing arts and is a blend of all the techniques and concepts Laura uses in her work. Participants have the experience of learning and practicing communication and healing techniques with dogs and horses.

Animal Communication and Intuitive Healing Workshop

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“Thank you for a profoundly healing and meaningful session today.  A multitude of blessings to you.”

Right- and Left-Brain Reasoning:
How to Incorporate Intuition into Your Daily Life

Participants learn to maximize their brainpower by combining deductive thoughts with intuitive insights in this fascinating seminar.  Laura guides participants in learning to use their brains more fully to connect with and discover their inner talents. This half day workshop is a good prerequisite for the mounted riding clinic or any intuition building workshop.

Right- and Left-Brain Reasoning

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“So much of what you talked about I could relate to, which really helped me to believe in myself even more. I can't thank you enough.”

Mounted Riding Clinic

Imagine your horse being ridden and coached by an award-winning trainer while Laura communicates what your horse most wants and needs. This unique clinic combines the best of two worlds for the equestrian who is interested in taking their ride to the next level. Participants work with both, Sue Lyman, a gifted trainer, to help improve your horses’ rideability and Laura, as an animal communicator, to help clients understand what their horse is thinking and feeling. Participants find they dramatically improve their relationships with their horses and build their confidence as riders. Students are grouped based on level of experience.

Laura and Sue offer workshops in Florida, Virginia, Massachusetts, Maine, or your farm. Contact our office to discuss a workshop in your area.

Sue Lyman

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“It was so wonderful to meet you last weekend. I can't begin to put into words how much I enjoyed the workshop and admire you and your gift of intuition - you are such an inspiration to me-TRULY! Attending your workshop was more enlightening and life changing than I could have ever imagined. It opened so many "doors" for me to seek out more knowledge and understanding of horses and to embrace my intuition .Now that I have embraced it, I have had such unforgettable experiences with horses …..very defining moments of a true connection…. that surge of energy resonating through my body like it did at your workshop… brought such joy to my heart and soul!  It is so true that they are definitely the ones teaching us, if we just listen."

“Will Laura do consultations in combination with her workshops?” visit Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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