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Laura RowleyWhat is “animal communication”?

Laura regards animal communication as a way of discerning the thoughts and feelings of an animal by tuning in to the animal’s energy field. The communication comes in the form of pictures, thoughts, and physical sensations.

What benefits can be attained through communicating with animals?

Communicating with your animals can help you:

  • get to the bottom of health or behavior problems
  • understand how your animal feels physically and emotionally
  • convey messages to your pet
  • get messages from your pet
  • solve interpersonal problems between your pets
  • learn how your pet feels about his/her food and whether it’s is the best choice for your animal’s nutritional needs
  • determine what training solutions would best help your pet feel well adjusted and behave appropriately.
  • as an intuitive healer, Laura can often assist in the healing process as well.

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Good DogsWhat are some of the most common things animals want to talk about?

When animals realize that they have a “listening ear” with Laura, they discuss anything that’s been “on their minds” such as: fears, foods, discomforts, happiness, confusions and their personal insights.

A typical workday for Laura often includes surprising revelations for pet owners such as:

  • A horse continually shredding his blanket as a result of metabolic thermal regulation difficulties making the horse uncomfortably warm
  • A depressed companion service dog having a deep need to understand retirement and life as a pet
  • A bucking horse frustrated over her painful custom made saddle
  • A cat suddenly appearing un-housebroken due to conflicts within the human family
  • A jumper with chronic lameness and unclear diagnostics returning to the The Grand Prix ring
  • A pony’s failure to jump due to a concern for his rider’s health
  • A dog appearing stubborn about car travels as a result of a fear of car sickness and creating a mess
  • A show Hunter resisting loading on her trailer because of shame of her performance in the ring.

Sleeping DogDo animals know what is happening during a reading?

Animals are always aware that Laura is communicating with them. Usually they become very relaxed and peaceful. Animals are often very appreciative of the session and are happy and relieved to be able to “talk” about their feelings and convey messages to their people. 

Horse JumpingHow can my horse and I benefit from a session with Laura?

Expect your horse to provide you with detailed information on his training, comprehension, equipment fit, happiness level, his rider’s or handlers strengths and weaknesses as well as his own. Understanding the horse’s perspective sharpens client’s capabilities and strengthens relationships and is always a relief and a joy. Laura has 40 years experience as a horseman and owner and welcomes detailed questions in order to provide clients with specific strategies for achieving joint goals in partnership.

DolphinsWhat are some extraordinary animals or situations that Laura has worked on?

A wild dolphin harassing divers, a fox hound kennel longing for harmony, a cat lost in a distant airport, strange behavioral changes in a herd of caribou, a horse lost in a sales barn, horses and dogs fearful due to misunderstanding changes in their owner’s lives, a sick gerbil, a confused sea turtle and greyhound puppies shredding their owners bed sheets – just to name a few!

I have many animals, how does she weed out the one I want her to talk to?

If you want to work with several of your pets during a single session, Laura will focus on each individually as well as work on any group dynamics that require behavioral adjustments.

DogCan animal communication help me decide whether it’s the right time to euthanize a pet?

This is one of the most difficult and painful decisions we can make. Laura can investigate how you can make your pet as comfortable as possible, and whether they are ready to cross over. Laura can also help you assure your pet about your well being; pets often hold on when they are suffering because they worry about leaving their people alone. When pets are reassured that their beloved people will be all right without them, they are greatly comforted and feel more at peace when they transition.

Can she talk with a pet that has crossed over?

Because energy—the Higher Self—does not die with the physical body, Laura is often able to communicate with animals that have left their bodies.  A pet’s energy can stay around you, or can come and go after they die. Often, people feel their pets’ energy around them when they need to be comforted during a difficult time. This is not imaginary!

Laura and GuinnessMy pet is a rescue and I don’t know its history. Can Laura help me get to the bottom of my pet’s behavior issues?

Yes, regardless of whether your pet has been rescued or has been with you a lifetime, Laura can “read” you pet’s history through their energy field. A session often facilitates asking the animal to change their behavior.  This process means first understanding the nature of the behavior i.e. Is it caused by physical discomfort, confusion or instincts?  Laura then creates a plan to correct the situation that may include modifications in training, diet, supplements, or a need for medical advice from a trained practitioner in veterinary medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture or massage. She will obtain the animal’s understanding of your desired outcomes so that all are clear in understanding what will be expected. Sometimes a person’s perception of naughty behavior is not seen in that light by the animal! Laura aims to clarify and bring conflicts to resolution so happy households and partnerships are achieved.

Laura's WorkshopsCan anyone learn how to communicate with animals?

Laura believes that everyone has an innate sixth sense, or intuition, that can be developed and applied to enhance communication between humans and their beloved animals. While some people have more innate talent, all can enjoy and benefit from gaining a deeper understanding.  Many of her students find a richness develops in their relationships that they were not expecting.  Often workshop attendees find their own progress pleasantly surprising.  Laura teaches dynamic workshops throughout the country to hundreds of individuals throughout the year.

Is Laura willing to travel to my area to do consultations?

Due to her heavy schedule, in person appointments are generally done over the telephone or in conjunction with a workshop commitment. However, these are considered on an individual basis, please contact our office and we’ll be happy to address your inquiry.

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Animal Communicator, Intuitive Healer, Teacher

Laura RowleyWhen did Laura realize that she had this gift?

Laura always felt sensitive to animals’ thoughts and feelings. It was with her horses in the early 90’s when she first clearly heard an animal’s thoughts. While filling the water buckets in the horses’ stalls she heard, “Hey—I’m thirsty!” In disbelief, Laura checked each stall and realized she had missed one thirsty horse. This seemingly strange event began an ever-evolving journey of honing her skills leading to the incredible work she does today throughout the world. Read her bio for more information.

Does she work on both people and animals?

Her work is in demand with Olympic trainers, veterinarians, athletes, and animal lovers from around the world. Clients use Laura’s intuitive services to understand medical and behavioral issues for their animals, many seek perspective that pertains to themselves.

What can you expect from a session with Laura?

The session begins with the client describing their issues and concerns for themselves or their pet. When focusing on the human client, Laura tunes into the client’s energy field, looking for any imbalances and information. She discusses what she is feeling or sensing and offers information and a specific action plan that will foster wellness on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

Why would people have a session for themselves?

She believes that we are all constantly evolving; examining and understanding patterns that you are ready to release leads to peacefulness and joyful self-discovery. Laura helps these patterns evolve and gives new perspective on your life issues. The session may include lifestyle solutions involving nutrition, exercise or supplements, as well as spiritual and personal guidance. People find Laura’s work helpful in situations where there is unresolved or unclear information regarding themselves or their animal’s well being. This is a highly interactive process where your questions and participation are honored and welcomed.

Examples could include: the loss of a loved one, a shift in a living or working situation, confusion on a difficult relationship, an injury that won’t heal, a feeling of hopelessness, an unclear or yet to be discovered diagnosis - any emotional, physical or spiritual concern that a client is ready to shift, heal, and align with greater well-being.

How can she “read” a person or animal?

Energy does not know boundaries of time and distance. Laura tunes in to the client’s energy field and takes an inventory to discern abnormalities and disruptions.  Using this information, Laura works to correct the pattern as well as create a plan for the client to move toward optimal well being.

What is a “medical intuitive”?

A medical intuitive uses a sixth sense to discover the source or cause of a physical illness or emotional disturbance. This involves seeing or sensing images of the affected body parts or situation. Laura does not have a medical degree nor claim to substitute for the treatment of a medical professional. She refers clients to doctors and veterinarians if that is what is needed to bring optimal healing. She thoroughly enjoys being a viable member of a complimentary team.

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How do I set up an appointment with Laura?

Contact Laura’s office and leave your:  phone number, email address, the nature of the appointment (animal or person), and the best time to reach you. Laura’s assistant, Karen, will respond to your message as quickly as possible to get you booked at the earliest opening. Please note that Laura’s schedule can often be booked out several days to several weeks. Phone: (352) 369-5993
Email Laura Rowley

Horse and OwnerDo I have to be there in person, or can Laura read me/my pet over the phone?

Laura actually does the majority of her work over the phone. It is not necessary that you be in the same location as your pet, only that your focus on them before Laura begins.

How is it possible to have a session with Laura long distance?

Because Laura communicates with the individual’s energy, or Higher Self, the distance does not prevent Laura from tuning in and giving and receiving information with the subject. Energy does not know spatial or geographic limitations. This is a great benefit for animals that can remain in the comfort of their familiar spaces.

How can I best prepare for a reading with Laura?

The clearer a client is on their questions and intentions for their session, the clearer the results. It is helpful to write down your concerns prior to the appointment to keep you focused and insure that you are attaining your desired results. On the day of the session focus on your goals for self-learning and healing; open your mind and heart to the process.

What is the cost of a session and when is Laura available?           

Sessions are:
$150 for 30 minutes.
$175 for 45 minutes
$225 for 60 minutes

Laura accepts payments by MasterCard, Visa, (paid prior to session) or checks by pre-arrangement only.

Laura works with clients generally between the hours of 9:00 and 2:15 EST

What is Laura’s cancellation policy?

24 hours notice or 50% payment will be charged to your account. Your appointment is confirmed upon receipt of credit card payment information to our office.

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Does Laura offer workshops?

Laura teaches throughout the US offering keynotes, seminars and weekend intensives designed to help people enhance their intuition, strengthen their ability to communicate with their pets, and as a rider, take their relationship with their horse to an advanced level. For details visit her workshop page.

How can I participate or host an event?

Contact Laura’s office:

Phone: (352) 369-5993

Email Laura Rowley

Will Laura do readings in conjunction with a workshop?

Yes, Laura will schedule private readings for interested participants and conduct them at your home or barn. Laura’s time is limited and these appointments fill up quickly, so please schedule your session well in advance of the workshop.

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