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Laura Rowley, Intuitive Healer, Animal CommunicatorClients use Laura’s intuitive services to seek greater perspective in understanding physical, emotional, spiritual and behavioral issues for their animal and themselves. Energy knows no boundaries of time and distance. While working over the telephone, Laura tunes in to the client’s energy field and takes an inventory to discern abnormalities and disruptions. Using this information, Laura works to correct the pattern as well as create a plan for the client to move toward optimal well being.

The session may include lifestyle solutions involving nutrition, exercise or supplements, as well as spiritual and personal guidance. People find Laura’s work helpful in situations where there is unresolved or unclear information regarding themselves or their animal’s well being. This is a highly interactive process where your questions and participation are honored and welcomed. Session notes will be e-mailed to you within a few days following your appointment.

"You could not ever imagine how much you helped me. Thank you very, very much!"

Animal Consults

Imagine the vast possibilities for valuable insight and information when your animal realizes that they have a “listening ear.” In a consultation with Laura, animals discuss anything that’s been on their minds such as: fears, foods, discomforts, happiness, confusions and their personal insights.

Animal ConsultsA consultation with your animals can help you:

  • get to the bottom of health or behavior problems
  • understand how your animal feels physically and emotionally
  • convey messages to your pet
  • get messages from your pet
  • solve interpersonal problems between your pets
  • learn how your pet feels about his/her food and whether it’s is the best choice for your animal’s nutritional needs
  • determine what training solutions would best help your pet feel well adjusted and behave appropriately
  • as an intuitive healer, Laura can often assist in the healing process as well

“When my dear friend Ziggy, the best dog partner ever, was diagnosed with cancer, I worked intensely with Laura. She partnered with Dr Bob Goldstein and Dr. Julia Simonson and Ziggy had 3 good years when traditional medicine gave her only 6 wks to 6 months. I am forever grateful.”

Visit Frequently Asked Questions to answer your consultation questions including, “What are some of the most common things animals want to talk about?”

Personal Consults

Laura believes that we are all continually evolving toward our highest and best selves. During a personal consult Laura balances a client’s energy field and assists them in discovering and understanding patterns that are ready to be released. Through this process of self-discovery, clients experience greater peacefulness.

Personal ConsultsClients benefit from a consult in areas such as: the loss of a loved one, a shift in a living or working situation, confusion on a difficult relationship, an injury that won’t heal, a feeling of hopelessness, an unclear or yet to be discovered diagnosis - any emotional, physical or spiritual concern that a client is ready to shift, heal, and align with greater well-being.

“My appointments with Laura have changed my life.
They always leave me with a feeling of being
while helping me know what aspects of myself I most need to develop.”

Visit Frequently Asked Questions to answer your consultation questions including, “What can you expect from a session with Laura?”

Sessions Fees

$150 for 30 minutes.
$175 for 45 minutes
$225 for 60 minutes

Laura accepts payments by MasterCard, Visa, and Venmo (paid prior to session but not charged to your credit card until the session is completed) or checks by pre-arrangement only.

In the case of cancellation without 24 hours prior notice, 50% payment will be charged to your account. Your appointment is confirmed upon receipt of credit card payment information to our office.

To Make An Appointment

To Make An AppointmentContact Laura’s office and leave your:

  • phone number
  • email address
  • the nature of the appointment (animal or person)
  • and the best time to reach you

Laura’s assistant, Karen, will respond to your message as quickly as possible to get you booked at the earliest opening. Please note that Laura’s schedule can often be booked out several days to several weeks.

Phone 352-369-5993 or Email Us.

“Thank you so much for your help today. This was a turning point for us, and I feel that we can now move down the path to a happy and rewarding partnership. We’re both so glad you came into our lives!”

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